Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What I mean by this term is taking the steps that each of us needs in our lives to avoid putting ourselves into situations where we might be triggered into having symptoms. "Triggers" are unique to every individual. They can relate to memories, past abuse or trauma, grief, advertisements in the media (Television, magazines, newspapers, etc.), and one the biggest...just doing your routine grocery shopping!! The diet ads and promotions for "healthy" eating or weight seem to follow us through our day. I advocate each of doing whatever we need to avoid exposure or interaction with situations or even people who may be a triggering factor in our life.

I am quite alarmed also by the vast amount of Pro-eating disorder material on the Internet. I have not researched or looked at any of these sites, but I am seeing the direct results of this propaganda. These sites promote DEATH...simply put. Some people might think that seeing actual photos of starving women or men might be helpful in turning away from an eating disorder, but it doesn't work that way.

When someone is entrenched in an eating disorder, and imprisoned by the obsessive thoughts and behaviors, the graphic pictures and advice on how to stay sick, or become sicker, is very alluring. It also provides them with excuses for why they don't need to seek help...."see, other people are like me and it's OK". This is very dangerous, and I propose that we all avoid and take any steps possible to ban these messages from our lives. Please, think about what YOU need to remain in recovery and safe from these dangerous triggers, and move forward into a life of health!!

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