Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Diet Myth

Most people think that dieting is a simple process, and in theory it is. To lose weight, you simply have to eat less, right?
However, in reality, dieting is not a simple task and much of the time dieters do not eat less than do non-dieters. Research reveals a great discrepancy between what people 'think' dieters do and what dieters 'actually' do.
Many studies have found that across a variety of conditions, dieters typically eat more than do non-dieters. Maintaining control of eating for dieters is rare. A variety of 'diet disrupters' or triggers of overeating have been revealed by numerous laboratory studies. These same 'triggers' are shown to inhibit dietary intake by non-dieters. These may include situations where the person is anxious, distressed or depressed.
Dieting has been proven to be the #1 factor in the development of an eating disorder. The myth behind dieting is not only misleading, but may also be dangerous and even fatal in some instances.
Over time, dieting most often leads to binge eating, which along with the resulting decreased metabolism, will lead to unnecessary weight gain. So even if one who is caught up in the yo-yo dieting cycle does stabilize their eating, they are likely to maintain a higher weight, on much fewer calories than ever before.
The 'non-diet' approach to living is the healthiest one. Eating according to body cues and hunger, instead of social or cognitive factors is the best way to go. Also, having no foods that are 'forbidden' will eliminate the psychological frustration that is associated with dieting.
It's important to remember that we are not numbers...although society will attempt to make us such. Our bodies are truly meant to be vessels of strength, to allow us to live our lives fully, love unconditionally, and to BE FREE.

Without apology....♥

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