Monday, November 28, 2011

How much do WE dictate our own experiences?

"When we put a limit on what we can do; we put a limit on what we can do"
-Charles Schwab
Seems simplistic, eh? But how many times in an average day, do your own 'limiting thoughts' predict what you do in that day? How much do we limit our own experiences, yet then blame our unhappiness or negative experiences on others?
We can always find something 'wrong', or something (or someone) we would like to change.
But how much effort is put into that evaluation, and the wish to change someone or something?
For myself, it brings up a lot of 'angst', and I find that my own experience is greatly compromised in the promise.
I have to let some things go. Life isn't fair, and all things will never be as I want them. I can choose to worry and fret (and complain), which takes a lot of my precious energy and joy; OR, I can choose to stop judging everything for it's good/bad status, and be grateful for the amazing things I have in my life! And I have much to be grateful for!!
In the grand scheme of things, may things could be different or better, in terms of what is right. But for today, which is ALL that I have in this moment, what really matters?
I don't like who I am when I focus on balancing it all out. I don't like how I feel, or how I treat other people. And I definitely don't like how it all impacts my daily experience.
The past 6-8 months have been very difficult for me. My own mortality has once again, been clarified for me with my Mother's passing.
Without 'forgetting' my pain or the emotions I feel, I can still choose to be grateful for the wonderful people in my life, my health, my job , and most of all, for my dear husband, who makes my mere existence beautiful ♥.
I already feel more peaceful.
Without apology......♥

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