Friday, October 16, 2009

Many things to share...

I'm about to leave for a drive down to see the family, with a small detour to 'meet' my newest great-nephew on the way. Very excited about that! There are many things I'd like to write about, so for this moment, I will share a 'preview'. For any of you who happen to read my rambling writings, I am quite passionate about sharing facts and information about the dangers and the myths that are believed about eating disorders. Some of the things I want to elaborate more about are: Weight is genetically determined....when we try to 'make it' what we want or what we think is our 'healthy' weight, we are likely to either end up with a deadly eating disorder, or at a much higher set point weight than ever before. You can't mess with biology! We are led to believe that we CAN pick 'our' weight, and we will be happy and healthier forever. It's not true, and that belief has killed many women and men in their attempt to achieve that. Can we change our height? Can we change our genetic make-up in other ways? No.
Also, how did our society become so obsessed with proving our worth by external evaluation? Perfection? Perfection itself is a fallacy. How can be begin to help ourselves, our children, our friends, to change the ways that we determine or base our worth? Society fights any attempts to look internally, but it is possible. It's all about focusing on developing those genetic characteristics, our talents, our values, and our personalities in such a way that we can embrace those things as who we are..not what we weigh, what size we wear, or if we are able to make straight As. What are we sacrificing in our lives in an attempt to achieve some impossible perfection? Freedom from this trap is possible. Recovery from eating disorders is possible. What do YOU value about yourself and about your life? Think about it....more on this later....Namaste

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