Friday, April 2, 2010

Protecting Your Recovery

What 'causes' a relapse? What may be a factor for YOU that sends you back to the pseudo comfort of the ED?What can you do to prevent this? Lots of questions....While thinking about this, I first thought that for each of us, these factors may be different and unique to our lives. Identifying these is important as a first step.Then, taking proactive steps to protect yourself as much as possible from those factors, while still trying to live life...not always easy, but NOT impossible!!
Just a few thoughts...*Trying to be 'normal' too terms of eating (remember, if you are in recovery from an ED, YOUR eating will not look like another's). You cannot compare!!
In terms of exercise...very similar. What is healthy for YOU is very different from what may be OK for someone else.*Any major changes in routine/lifestyle. Job change or shift change. Anything that may alter your routine can be a dangerous thing for one who is in recovery. Planning ahead to prevent impulsive decisions about eating/not eating is critical!!
*Stand up for yourself...practice saying 'no' if that is what you need to do!
*Isolation..this is a very dangerous one. We are our own worst enemy if we are in an emotional state that separates us from those who can truly support us.
*Along with the above...continue to build a social/support network. Take risks to present YOU without apology :), and openly. If you think about it, aren't those the type of people that YOU feel most comfortable around? Test it out....rejection is very uncommon.
*Being TOO busy...this is a tough one. We all want to be productive, be engaged, LIVE life. But when life gets in the way of living, it's not a good thing for those in recovery. Recovery must always take priority. Every decision must be made based on it's affect on your health/recovery.
*Keeping recovery and YOUR specific needs as not an option. You WILL eat your prescribed amount. You WILL exercise/not exercise according to the recommendations of your therapist or treatment team. There will be NO 'wiggle' room. It WILL happen, no matter what!!
These are a few things that come to mind as I think about what helped me get to the point of full recovery.
Without apology.....♥


  1. Lifestyle, definitely. A drastic change in environment, or uncertainty about the future. I know that can trigger relapses.

    I enjoy your blog, keep it up.

  2. Evamarie...yes, CHANGE of any type, lifestyle or otherwise can be frightening and triggering. Uncertainty use to send me screaming!! But such is life. I now think of uncertainty of an opportunity for something very exciting and special.
    Thank you for reading. Wishing you well...Jan ♥

  3. Evamarie...thank you for reading.
    Yes, any lifestyle CHANGE can be a very frightening and difficult challenge. Uncertainty can be a huge trigger. But I see it now as a part of life, and an opportunity for positive and exciting experiences!
    Wishing you well....Jan ♥