Tuesday, August 3, 2010

River Centre Clinic: What was different?

At least twenty people have asked me this question over the past few years, once they learn of my long struggle with Anorexia, and that I am now recovered. After hearing that I was in some very prestigious treatment programs, multiple hospitals (multiple times), and have now recovered fully after being treated at River Centre, I suppose it's an obvious question.
I could elaborate (as any of you who have read my writing know ♥), but I can make this pretty simple.
The treatment provided by the professionals at River Centre is evidence-based, which is critical for the complex nature of eating disorders.
I was seen as a person, not a dollar sign, and my treatment was based on MY needs, not what was convenient in the moment.
Hope was the first gift offered to me, upon my first visit to River Centre for an assessment, in November, 2001. NO ONE had ever even hinted to me that full recovery from an eating disorder was possible, let alone, possible for ME.
The professionals who worked with me understood, offered me compassion, but also held me accountable as I moved along the rocky road of recovery.
I knew right away that I could trust the 'team' to do right by me, to help me begin my life over without an eating disorder, and I knew that I would not be left 'undone', before I was ready.
The program at River Centre offered (and still offers) the perfect balance of accountability and independence for adults in recovery.
This is what made the difference for me. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, in treatment, or considering treatment, think about your present situation. Is it working? Are you getting the help you need? Each day belongs to YOU. You will never have that day again. NEVER GIVE UP!!
Without apology...♥

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