Saturday, February 13, 2010

Very Few Decisions are Forever....

Do YOU like making decisions in your daily life? For most people, I suspect, it's not a big deal. They go through their days, making decisions about everything from what color of shirt to wear, to which project at work to start on first, and life goes on.
I use to spend an unbelievable amount of time laboring over decisions in my daily life that very seldom held much if any importance. The bigger decisions were easier in fact, because the pros and cons were more obvious.
Much of my deliberation and inability to make a decision had to do with thinking that whatever decision I made had to be THE RIGHT one. What if I made the wrong decision? Even worse, what if someone disagreed with my decision?
Several years ago, my therapist helped me with this by pointing out that very few decisions in our lives cannot be reversed, or else they just aren't that important. Even a decision about accepting a job does not mean we have to work at that job for our entire life. We can try things out and then change our mind! What a unique idea!
My husband just told me to pick where I wanted to go for dinner tonight. Even two years ago I would have either refused to make the decision and thrown it back to him, or I would have stewed about it, worrying that I would somehow make the wrong decision, and our lives would be ruined forever. Geeez....
I thought for about 15 seconds, and told him what sounded good to me. I based my decision on what I wanted, not on how I thought someone else would react. Very cool...
Without apology.....


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