Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Are You Seeking Treatment?

As I've begun to work more closely with people who are seeking treatment to recover from their eating disorders, I realize that the answer to this question can vary greatly.
The reasons that people seek treatment are varied, and not always for their own well being. Some are seeking to make someone else happy. This goal in itself speaks to a dysfunction, whether it be well intentioned or not.
I am not against getting help because of outside pressure, because if you need it, your need it. My concern is that along the way it is vital that the person in treatment, embrace it for themselves, and not for someone else. Also, this points to a deeper need to walk away from the need to always please learn to make your own choices and to be responsible for your own life.
Many people are simply 'tired of doing it'..the eating disorder is not serving them anymore, or they are experiencing the negative and life-threatening affects that the eating disorder is having on them. Fear is also a strong motivator.
Regardless of the reason, and the strength of a person's resolve and determination, recovery is hard. The process is likely the most difficult journey a person will take in their life. It is also the most rewarding. The personal awareness and strengths that one builds along the way is beyond any other.
A person who has recovered from an eating disorder is by far, much healthier in an emotional sense, than the average person walking down the street.
Are you seeking treatment, or working on recovery for yourself? Are you doing it because you want a better future? A family? Or do you want freedom from the rules and the prison that an eating disorder becomes?
What has led you to the point that you are reading this, seeking help, or searching for answers?
Without apology...♥

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